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Jack's Paw Lickin' Rub

Inspired by our easy going Black Lab named Jack, this rub was created to go on just about everything. Jack’s Paw Lickin’ Rub is fantastic on steak, BBQ'd chicken, pork, vegetables and even popcorn. Be creative with this all purpose rub and use it wherever great flavor is desired.

Using Jack's Paw Lickin' Rub on chicken we took 1st place in 2014 and 2nd place at the 2011 at the King of the County BBQ Challenge in Martinez California.

For a perfect BBQ burger form your patties and sprinkle Jack's Rub on the meat.  Let that sit while you slice a few onions and start to saute them in a pan.  Add 2 TBS of Jack's Paw Lickin' Rub to the onions and carmalize them in a pan.  Fire your grill up to medium high heat and grill the burgers to your desired taste.  Top the burger with the carmalized onions and your favorite fixings for a great burger.  As for your french fries sprinkle some Jack's Paw Lickin' Rub on them as well for a delicious meal!


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