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At Dog Day Spice Rub we create hand crafted, small batch BBQ rubs made with the freshest and purest ingredients available. We don't use MSG, preservatives or chemicals in any of our products. Each rub is a unique blend of spices specifically tailored to add explosive flavors to your meals.

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Greg & Kerry


Our company is more than just a business for is a passion to help people like you make fantastic food!   All of our bbq spice rubs have been created from scratch after many years of barbecuing, roasting, baking, grilling and frying.  Now you can make ribs like never before. Each spice rub reflects the personality of the dogs they are named after.

Every spice rub batch is hand measured, mixed, weighed and packaged by us to maintain continued quality. We use the best spice sources available and do not add MSG or preservatives to our rubs.  All of our rubs are Gluten free as wwell!

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San Francisco Bay Coffee


"Recently, we heard from a company who is using our coffee as a secret ingredient in their 3 Knucklehead BBQ Rub. I was a little skeptical so before sharing anything you, my loyal coffee fans, I put this BBQ rub to the taste test.

I combined a little olive oil with the spice rub, and covered some duck breasts then I let them rest in my fridge for 3 days. Finally, I baked them hot & fast, the end result was an amazingly flavorful dinner.

The initial bite was a slightly smoky, likely the coffee, with a subtle spice and the finish was sweet, which I didn't expect but really enjoyed."

Mad Meat Genius

 "Last summer we judged a local bbq contest in Martinez California called 'King of the County BBQ Challenge.' This was a great competition showcasing local bbq talent. Greg & Kerry were winners of first place chicken who also happen to own a small batch bbq spice rub company called 'Dog Day Spice Rub'. This company is more than just a business but a passion to help people make fantastic food. This mission statement rings true to my heart. Through social media we connected and I was sent this fun line-up of spice rubs. Dog Day Spice Rub makes six different unique rubs for different meat applications."

Grill Lovers

Attention all Grill Lovers!

There’s a Spice rub that is making waves in the Spice Industry and its getting rave reviews from BBQ’rs and Grillers who wants to always get an impressive and fantastic taste of their masterpiece.

Introducing DOG DAY SPICE RUB!"

Featured Products

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Bison Heart with Jack's Paw Lickin' Rub!!!

Watch as Randy Newberg cooks up a delicious Bison heart from his recent Henry Mountain Utah Bison hunt.  What an adventure that must have been!!!

Antelope Tenderloin with Randy Newberg!

Jack's Paw Lickin' Rub in action!!!

Our Commercial

Dog Day Spice Rub commercial

Bacon Taco Shells

Check out this creative twist on tacos!!!!


Brisket with potatoes and onions.  Looks like heaven!